New & Ambitious Brand Position Needed

DFB Hanco is a developing local milk producer with the ambition to be one of the top 4 manufacturers and distributors of nutritional products in Vietnam, along with Vinamilk, Dutch Lady and Nutifood.

In order to breakthrough and become a key player in Vietnam market, Hanco planned to re-position and launched the new DFB Hanco brand with strategic vision and long-term plan.

The firm had an ambitious vision to conquer the consumer with nutrition technology innovations and digital transformation and wanted an experienced agency to develop, implement, execute, and improve every aspects of its marketing operations.


Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Proposed

An Integrated Marketing Communication plan was proposed to DFB Hanco in 3 years term, include a package of 6 modules including Market & Brand Analysis, Product Portfolio Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Communication Strategy, Brand Philosophy & Identity, and Communication Master Plan.

The agency also took care of developing Brand Identity (logo & brand guidelines, brand philosophy & visual, leaflet, brochure, signboard, …), Packaging Design (5 product categories & almost 30 SKUs),  Advertising Material (TVC, digital banner, POSM, …), and Digital Platform (website, social network extension, e-commerce network, CRM, …)

A strategic direction of “Fulfilling nutrition, seeding love” was then proposed and adopted. For women, choosing good nutrition source for their family is a long journey requires deep thoughtfulness. “The fulfillment of nutrition” is the commitment of DFB Hanco in ensuring good nutrient ingredients and quality for health development of the whole family. It also represents the mission “incubation” of DFB Hanco to grow love between every Vietnamese people that drinks the milk. This positioning represents the balance of the functional benefits and emotional benefits from DFB Hanco’s products.