Market Competition Challenges

With the ambition to join the top 4 local milk producers in Vietnam, DFB Hanco found faced a great challenge since fierce competition within the local diary market. As a smaller player in the market, he firm found it almost impossible follows the traditional way of doing sales and marketing.

Whilst seeing the potential of digital marketing, DFB Hanco also found out that the competition online is even more fierce within the local market. Bringing its brands and products beyond the boundary of domestic consumers to the region and event the world seemed to be promising to DFB Hanco but the firm recognized its insufficiency of capabilities to reach out beyond the local market.

DFB Hanco was in great need for an effective but affordable double-layered solution that can both develop the reputation of and bring its brands and products to businesses and consumers around the world.

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Marketing Digital Transformation

It was quite obvious that the best solution to solve the market development puzzle for DFB Hanco should be digital marketing. However, the market scope was large, the budget was limited, and the IMC plan required a long-term approach. These challenges required the digital marketing plan to be well structure and optimized.

On the other hand, DFB Hanco was then quite fresh to the digital world. The situation created another requirement to the digital marketing plan which was how to develop digital capabilities into the firm’s people.

The situation was a perfect chance to go for Digital Transformation. A Marketing Digital Transformation plan from scratch was proposed. Starting with establishing the transformation strategy & master plan at the same time training the firm’s top management and marketing leadership to understand and acquire sufficient skills to lead all transformation initiatives.

The core of the transformation plan included the establishment of Owned – Earned – Paid – Shared platforms and media following by a series of social marketing campaigns to launch brands and product categories. The transformation was lengthen by a roadmap of putting together the e-commerce ecosystem that starts from establishing local and international market places and ends with the establishment of DFB Hanco’s own omnichannel e-commerce platform.